Data Governance

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Leading edge businesses need complete and trustworthy data to support operational, analytical, and data compliance initiatives.

SAP Master Data Governance is focused on centralized authoring and governance in SAP applications, and data distribution to diverse client systems. Offering ready-to-run governance applications with pre-built validation against SAP business logic, master data domains include financial data, material data, supplier data, and customer master data.

Benefits of Master Data Governance:

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise
  • Increase IT efficiency and reduce maintenance costs
  • Make strategic, accurate, and timely decisions with a single, accurate version of the truth across associated systems.
  • Publish and distribute data to Partners.

How Indus can help:

  • Provide effective data governance strategy that helps lower the information maintenance costs in instances such as data migration from legacy system to SAP, CRM or real-time platform such as SAP HANA or providing security governance around ETL interface.
  • Provide proven and adaptive methodology to handle data consistency, quality for analytical and reporting purposes.

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Indus works to deliver IT excellence for your business, Contact Us today