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At INDUS, We hire not only people with the best skills, but people we want on our team for the long haul. Our philosophy is about building great relationships internally as well as with clients. Consultants know they have their Practice Managers, their Account team and the entire INDUS team backing them up if they run into a tough technical problem or need additional expertise. We’ll work to find the best fit whether it’s integrating with a stubborn legacy system or building user experiences that require cutting edge development skill.


Development Projects:

Have a big project you need help with? We can put together a top notch team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Leads, Developers and Testers to tackle your project and see it through to completion. Many of our employees have been at INDUS for years and have worked together in the past. Let us partner with you to define your needs and goals and get to work in no time. 


Onsite Team

Sometimes you just need a little help. There is a big project on your plate and you know your current team doesn’t have the manpower to get it all done. Our Consultants will come in and join your team, focus on the solution and help you deliver on time. Our Experience consultant can start work from day one without even need of any training.


Our service line partnered with our experience means that we can offer solutions which are optimal for your organisational needs and allow for greater transparency and control across all your business areas leading to greater efficiency and profit margin and reduced risks irrespective of market conditions.

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Indus works to deliver IT excellence for your business, Contact Us today