Data Archiving

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Data archiving is a process of moving data into a file system and retaining it for future reference and/or compliance with regulatory body. Irrespective of what business rely, the Data archival solution must be focused on addressing business need to process the everyday transactional data without compromising system performance and resource utilization both in real time and offline.

Benefits of effective Data Archiving:

  • Improved system performance includingCPU usage and processing times.
  • Improved system availability.
  • Reduce the cost on database administration over a period of time.

How Indus can help:

Our solution is well tested and fully integrated with SAP applications. As enterprise business processes grow, it will most likely pose a challenge for maintaining and sustaining the everyday increasing volumes of enterprise active data.

  • We would provide strategically placed solution around active data management and effective retrieval of the archived data blocks.
  • Reduce storage costs for effective management and sustainability of archived data.
  • Strategically placed solutions to improve the system performance by monitoring and tuning key metrics.
  • Assist in meeting the regulatory compliance on data privacy and data sharing requirements.  
  • Solution for instant access to archived data with best retrieval timing.

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Indus works to deliver IT excellence for your business, Contact Us today